40% & 100% Scholarship Study IT Engineer Course 2014

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Good News for all Cambodia people:
- SUNRISE Institute is the first training school in Cambodia that provides 100% Guarantee to Find a Good Job for all students who study at our institute with starting salary from 300$ - 800$/month After Completion

- New class is starting now with special discount, please contact us now for more details at

- SUNRISE Institute has received 4 official license from 4 Global IT Companies in USA as following:
1. Cisco System

- SUNRISE Institute provides from 40%, 60%, and 100% scholarship to all Cambodia people in 2014 to study the Special Training Program 2014:
"International IT Networking Engineer Training Course"

New class is starting now, Hurry up!
Who Can Join: Any People who can speak/write English (Little is also ok!)

- Join Today, To Upgrade Your Education to International Level and Receive a Certificate from USA, Valued & Recognized by all companies in the world today!

- Start Today, And then 6 Months or 1 Year later, You will have a good Job, With High-Paid Salary (300$, 500$, 800$, 1000$, 1500$, etc)

- If you don't start today, 6 months or 1 years later, you will be the same as today!

Don�t Wait, As We Provide this special 40% and 100% scholarship program to only 50 people in 2014, You can pay only 60$/month!

Please Hurry Up to Contact Us to Confirm Your Study Now!

Contact us now at:
SUNRISE Institute, Number 1 Professional IT Training in Cambodia
"Bring You World-Class Certificates!"

088 9 779977 / 086 555 444 / 015584194

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