Desktop HP dc7800

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New Stock just arrive !!! 1 set of Desktop System only 158$, Hurry up Stock have limited ! This promotion will be last until out of stock !!! only in V-Tech Computer !

- Brand : Desktop HP dc7800
- CPU Core2Dou E8300 2.83GHz, 6M, 1333MHz
- Ram 2GB
- HDD 160GB
- DVD Combo
- VGA Intel Graphic
- LCD HP 17"
- Mouse + Keyboard USB

For more info and products visit us at:
Address: #395Eo, St Kampuchea Krom (Near IBC DN)

V-Tech Victory Together!

Price : 158$
Name: vtech
Tel: 092 77 55 49
Email: email
Location: Phnom Penh
Address: #395Eo, St Kampuchea Krom (Near IBC DN)
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