Honda Scoopy 012 & 013 original accessories from Thailand

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  • Posted On : 22-Apr-2013 09:10:00
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Dear Honda Scoopy-i 012 & 013 users,

I have just imported Honda Scoopy-i 012 & 013, Honda Click 125i and Honda PCX original accessories from Honda factory in Thailand. It has many colors you can choose to fit your bikes.

Now I am selling them for good price!

I can guarantee that these accessories are original and brand new in Cambodia. When you have them on your motorbike, it will look great and different from others.

If you are interested please give me a call at 016979757 or visit a store No. 119Eo on Sok Hok street near Orreusey market named LY NA.

For more information and photos, please visit our facebook page: customized parts

Thank you!

Price : 10$
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