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how to install Khmer Unicode on iOS 7 (iPhone iPad iPod Touch).
Many of user that have been update to iOS 7 need to read Khmer Unicode well in other website or any application like facebook, youtube, iTune etc.
To solve this problem 4KhmeriPhone Team has been develop the font package to
setup in iDevice then the device will be able to read Khmer Unicode smooth but
not for all application like safari.
In Safari we have the trick to read Khmer Unicode in switch to Reading Mode.
This Khmer Unicode font package can be install on iPhone iPad iPod Touch.
So Today we'll show you how to install Khmer Unicode Font on your iPhone iPad iPod Touch.

Read more: nstall-khmer-unicode-on-ios-7-iphone-ipa d-ipod-touch.html#ixzz2ks562CtL
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