420$ white iphone 5 16G, 99%

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original import from USA, they are all LL model.
245$ iphone 4 white 16G.
270$ iphone 4S white 16G, 99%.
420$ iPhone 5 white 16G, 99%.
515$ new samsung S5.
650$ NEW 5S 16GB..
760$ NEW 5S 32GB.
675$ NEW iPad air 32G sim
750$ NEW iPad air 64G sim.

Free screen, jailbreak, games, apps and musics.
buy with warranty 016555578

Apple-Tech: 016555578
Location: in front of Depo Market

Free Jailbreak, Khmer Font, Game, app...
Thank for your time. Good luck!!!

*USA Importer
*Customers Service 016555578

Price : 180$
Name: Apple Tech
Tel: 016555578
Email: email
Location: Phnom Penh
Address: In front of Depo Market
Posted By: AppleTech
Member Since: 10-November-2011
Last Login: 30-August-2014 20:08:04
Yahoo Status:
Member Store: www.khmer24.com/AppleTech
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