Peng Hout Twin Villa for sale in best price

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Lovely twin Villa for sale..... like in picture.... location is far from Steugmean Chey market 1km near Sokemix station in Borey Pheng Hout... for more information pls call me 017282843.
-Size of building: 6m x 12m
-Size of Land: 8.30 x 22m
-Three floors have 4 rooms and one of it is Master Room
-6 Bathrooms and all accessories are luxury product.
-Have two car parks
-Good environment

For security is 100% because this area have security controller and especially its near Market ,Mini mart etc...
Note : This price is u pay to me and u have pay deprecate this villa with 7 seven years with company or full price is 185000$
Thank You...!

Price : 185000$
Name: nith
Tel: 088 7777260 017282843
Email: email
Location: Phnom Penh
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