Bed/គ្រែ, mattress (foam or spring)/ពូក (អេប៉ុង ឬ រឺុស័រ), bedding sets/កំរាលពូក and pillow/ខ្នើយ


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We are selling the following products: the Mattress, the Bed, the Bedding and the Pillow.

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យើងខ្ញុំមានលក់ផលិតផលដូចជា: mattress / ពូក (អេប៉ុង ឬ រឺុស័រ), Bed / គ្រែ, Bedding / កំរាលពូក and Pillow / ខ្នើយ ។សម្រាប់ការមើលបន្ទប់តាំងបង្ហាញរបស់យើងសូមទាក់ទងមកយើងខ្ញុំ ដើម្បីណាត់ជួបអ្នកគ្រប់គ្រងផ្នែកលក់ មកកាន់ទូរស័ព្ទលេខ៖ ០៧៧ ៥៥៣ ៦៦២ / ០១០ ៥៩៩ ៩៩៥

Bed / គ្រែ
It is strong to support heavy weight and the various activity on the bed (where the children may play on)
useful for: New Couple, Guesthouse’s room, Hotel’s room, Apartment and Condo Building

Standard quality, size:
121cmx201cm - 145$
141cmx201cm - 145$
161cmx201cm - 150$
181cmx201cm - 155$

Premium quality, warranty 1 years, size:
121cmx201cm - 180$
141cmx201cm - 180$
161cmx201cm - 185$
181cmx201cm - 190$

Mattress (foam or spring)/ ពូក (អេប៉ុង ឬ រឺុស័រ)
the quality is guarantied. It is strong to support heavy weight and the various activity (the children may play) on the bed. Useful for : New Couple, Guesthouse’s room, Hotel’s room, Apartment Condo Building

Standard quality, warranty: 1years
120cmx200 - 119$
140cmx200 - 129$
160cmx200 - 139$
180cmx200 - 149$

Premium quality, warranty: 3years
120cmx200 - 149$
140cmx200 - 159$
160cmx200 - 169$
180cmx200 - 179$

Please watch the following videos about:

1/. Our Mattress Manufacturing: ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call706690/

2/. We supplied the mattress to: ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call084412/ ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call553902/ ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call772508/ ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call192685/

គុណភាពចម្បង ធានារហូត ដល់ 5 ឆ្នាំ និងតម្លៃសមរម្យ
Premium Quality up to 5 years warranty with Affordable Price
For more picture and video testing please visit

For further details please contact Tel: 077553xxx ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call

សូមចុចលើលេខទូរស័ព្ទ ដើម្បីបង្ហាញ ហើយកំុភ្លេចនិយាយថាអ្នកបានឃើញការផ្សព្វផ្សាយនេះនៅលើ។
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