Cuckoo Rice Cooker hvxt0610 Orange/White Made In Korea 98%


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ដាំបាយឆ្ញាញ់ណាស់ ដាំបាន​បាយ ដំណេីប សំរូប.....etc.
This is the best rice cooker from Cuckoo

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Product Detail
Smart Alogrithm (Pressue & Heat Control Technology)
Deatchable Inner lid
IH (Induction Heating) Type
TITAN & Diamond Coating inner pot
3D Warming System (Top, side, bottom)
GABA & My Mode function
Soft Steam cap
Multi cook Function
16 Safety devices
Three dimnensional dimple
Water stagnance prevention
Button lock function
Voulme Control Function
High Energy Efficiency
Korean Voice Navigation Only
Made in Korea
This IH pressure cooker features a 6-cup capacity and induction heating for a fast, convenient way to prepare dishes. The keep-warm function keeps food at the proper temperature until you're ready to serve.
Induction Heater is a state of the art heating system, which differs from any existing methods of cooking rice. Conventional rice cookers and other electric pressure cookers provide heat from the bottom through a single heat plate. An Induction heater system utilizes a magnetic field to generate heat through the coils of the heating plate to evenly heat throughout the inner pot. This provides rapid and thorough heating to evenly cook all types of foods

TypeIH Pressure Rice Cooker
Available Capacity1.08ℓ (6cups)
Available ColorOrange
Available Power220-240V 60Hz
Country of OriginKorea

Convenience features:
* smart algorithms
* prompt: Volume Control
* Automatic sterilization (steam) Washing:
to remove debris stuck of pressure nozzle, the valve
prevents * bapmul higher salaries multiples
* non-stop steam discharge: vapor, bacteria, odor emissions
* Soft steam cap
* applicator holder
* Key lock
* sleep:
and standby power saving: less than about 1 W held standby
safety device: of the 16 safety device (TPC system)
power consumption: 1,090 W
color: white + orange

Cooking features:
White rice, cereals, germinated brown rice, seaweed, old rice,
nutritious rice, nutritious porridge, nurungji, black beans, all-round steaming
* Inner pot:
Wide & Flat (WIDE & FLAT)
ㆍ Titanium + Xwall Shine Coating
ㆍ Triple Dimples (A convex embossing):
Inner pot, inner pot case, top heater (lid)
* Lid: detachable
ㆍ Convenient washing, keeping warm rice taste
ㆍ Material: Aluminum

Capacity: 6 persons
* Pressure cooker
* Induction heating (IH)
cooking / warming function:
* 14-minute rapid cooking
* Cuku customized rice flavor: 4 stages each ㆍ Break time: Softness
ㆍ Heating time: Charged and set degree
* Reservation cooking
* Reheating heat
* Reinforced warming: When warming for a
long time, if smell occurs
* Custom warming: When
warming, when a lot of water flows or
rice spreading occurs when opening the lid

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