FULL Gaming PC SET!!


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Full Gaming PC SET!!
โ€ขPC Spec :
โ€ขCPU : I3 7100 3.6GHz
โ€ขCPU Cooler : BlockBuster RED RGB
โ€ขRam : T-Force RGB 8GB (Aura Sync) 3000MHz
โ€ขMotherboard : Gigabyte H110M
โ€ขHard Drive : HDD 1TB + SSD 120GB
โ€ขCase : Xigmatek Venom 5 RGB Controllable Fan (Glass) include one green CPU cable and one yellow VGA cable
โ€ขFree : Monitor 19Inch Acer
Razer Deathadder Mouse
Redragon Keyboard 10 RGB mode
Headset Nubwo
Large Mousepad
โ€ขJust Add VGA and it will run any games with no problem
Contact Number : 015497xxx แž…แžปแž…แžŠแžพแž˜แŸ’แž”แžธแžแŸ/Click To Call

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