HDMI ប្រវែង ៥0 m តម្លៃ 85$

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HDMI 1.5M 2.5$
3M 3.5$
5M 5$
10M 9$
20M 18$
25M 25$
30M 35$
50M 75$
New IP camera 1080p
DS-2CD1021-I $50 2mp bullet
DS-2CD1121-I $52 2mp dome
DS-2CD1321-I $57 2mp
DS-2CD2620F-I $110 2mp bullet
DS-2CD2720F-I $112 2mp dome
NVR 4k
DS-7604NI-K1/4P $95 4ch 4k 4PoE
DS-7608NI-K2 $165 8ch 4k
DS-7608NI-K2/8P $205 8ch 4k 8PoE
DS-7616NI-K2 $call 16ch 4k
DS-7616NI-K2/16P $call 16ch 4k 16PoE
DS_7716NI-K4 $call 16ch 4k
DS-7716NI-K4/16P $call 16ch 4k 16PoE
DS-7732NI-K4 $call 32ch 4k
DS-7732NI-K4/16P $call 32ch 4k 16PoE
DVR 2Mega lite
DS-7204HQHI-F1/N=$52 2mp 4ch 1hdd
DS-7208HQHI-F1/N=$72 2mp 8ch 1hdd
DS-7208HQHI-F2/N=$110 2mp 8ch 2hdd
DS-7216HQHI-F1/N=$124 2mp 16ch 1hdd
DS-7216HQHI-F2/N=$145 2mp 16ch 2hdd
DS-7204HQHI-K1/N=$61 3mp 4ch 1hdd
DS-7208HQHI-K1/N=$81 3mp 8ch 1hdd
DS-7208HQHI-K2/N=$125 3mp 8ch 2hdd
DS-7216HQHI-K1/N=$145 3mp 16ch 1hdd
DS-7216HQHI-K2/N=$175 3mp 16ch 2hdd
DS-7208HQHI-SH=159$ realtime 1080p 2hdd
DVR 5mp
DS-7204HUHI-F1/S=85$ 5mp 4ch 1hdd
DS-7208HUHI-F1/S=135$ 5mp 8ch 1hdd
DS-7208HUHI-F2/S=145$ 5mp 8ch 2hdd
DS-7216HUHI-F2/S=239$ 5mp 16ch 2hdd
Camera 2Mega
DS-2CE16D0T-IT3=$26 2mp 40m bullet no wdr (post)
DS-2CE16D0T-IRP=$18 2mp 20m bullet plastic (Post)
DS-2CE56D0T-IT3=$26 2mp 40m dome no wdr ((post)
DS-2CD16D7T-IT=$28 2mp 20m bullet wdr
DS-2CE16D7T-IT3=$35 2mp 40m bullet wdr
DS-2CE56D7T-IT3=$35 2mp 20m dome wdr
DS-2CE16D7T-IT5=$45 2mp 60m bullet wdr
DS-2CE16F1T-IT3=$37 3mp 40m bullet no WDR
DS-2CE16F7T-IT3=$47 3mp 40m bulle WDR
DS-2CE16F7T-IT3z =$97 3mp 60m bullet wdr+varifocal 2.8mm-12mm
Camera 5mp
DS-2CE16H1T-IT $43 5mp 20m small
DS-2CE16H1T-IT3 $48 5mp 40m bullet
DS-2CE56H1T-IT3 $48 5mp 40m dome
DS-2CE16H1T-IT5 $55 5mp 60m bullet
Power 30A=15$
Power 20A=12$
Power 10A=8$
Adapter 12V 1A=$2
Cable video +2c power Adlink
ADLINK 300M=60$ 0.60mm
ADLINK 300M=75$ 0.60mm
ADLINK 300M=85$ 0.65mm
ADLINK 300M=95$ 0.80mm
Alantek 300M USA =120$
BNC DC 100/box. =18$
Cable: Network hikvision Cat6 DS-1LN6-UU $95 (red colour )
Monitor: DS-D5019QE-B $95
Hard Disk Seagate for DVR 24/24H
1TB=55$ / 2TB=75$ / 3TB=95$ / 4TB=145$ / 6TB= 245$
ទំនាក់ទំនង់ទិញបោះដុំនិងលក់រាយ : 060522xxx ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call / 015275xxx ចុចដើម្បីតេ/Click To Call
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