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- SAMSUNG LED TV 24’J4003 =125$(HD)
- SAMSUNG LED TV 32’N4003. =149$(HD)
- SAMSUNG LED Smart TV 32’N4300= 185$(Smart HD Free stand)
- SAMSUNG LED TV 43"N5003 = 290$(Full HD Free stand)
-SAMSUNG LED Smart TV 40’J5250= 260$(Connect WiFi)
- SAMSUNG LED Smart TV 43’J5202= 305$(Connect WiFi)
- SAMSUNG UHD Smart TV 43’RU7100 =340$( UHD 4K)
- SAMSUNG LED TV 49’N5000 = 319$ ( Full HD 1080)
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 49’J5250 = 340$$(Connect WiFi)
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 50’RU7100 =445$(Smart 4K )
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 55’RU7100 = 475$Smart 4K Flat)
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 65’NU7100 = 795$ (Smart 4K)
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 55’RU7300 = $565(Curved 4K Smart)
- SAMSUNG Smart TV 75’NU7100 =1789$(Smart 4K )
* Samsung Refrigerator Digital Inverter
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT20H=265(1.47m)
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT22 = $285(1.60m)
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT25 = $329(1.70m)
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT29 = $375(1.70m with Twin Cooling Plus)
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT38 = $495(1.8m )
- New Samsung Refrigerator 2door RT38 =$539(1.8m with Auto ice maker)
- New SAMSUNG Refrigerator RT32 = $410(1.85m with Twin Cooling Plus)
-New SAMSUNG Refrigerator 2door RT46 =$710(1.8m with Auto ice maker)
+SAMSUNG Washing Machine
-New Samsung Washing Machine 8kg=225$
-New Samsung Washing Machine 10kg=280$(Digital Inverter )
-New Samsung washing Machine 11kg=295$
-New Samsung Washing Machine 12kg=280$
-New Samsung Washing Machine 12kg=335$(Digital Inverter)
-New Samsung Washing Machine 13kg:365$
+SAMSUNG Air Conditioner 2019
- New SAMSUNG 1HP Inverter = $290$(free stand
- New SAMSUNG 1.5HP Inverter =$365$(free stand
- New SAMSUNG 2HP Inverter = 535$
- New SAMSUNG 1HP Inverter Wind free = $335$(free stand )
-New SAMSUNG 1.5HP Inverter Wind free = $385$(free stand )
+LG TV 2019
-New LG LED TV 24’= $125
- New LG LED TV 32’= $150
- New LG LED Smart TV 32’= $210
- New LG LED TV 43' =255$
- New LG UHD TV 43’UM7100= $340(4K Smart TV)
- New LG LED TV 49’ = $340
- New LG UHD TV 49’UM7290= $400 (4K Smart TV)
- New LG UHD TV 55’UM7290= 485$(4K Smart TV)
- New LG UHD TV 65’UM7290 = $785(4K Smart TV)
- New LG UHD TV 75’UM7290=
*LG Washing machine 2019
-New LG Washing Machine 10,5kg =280$( Smart Inverter)
-New LG Washing Machine 12kg =315$(Smart Inverter)
-New LG Washing Machine 13kg =335$(Smart Inverter)
-New LG Washing Machine 14kg =370$(Smart Inverter)
* LG Refrigerator
- LG B202 Refrigerator Smart Inverter 2door = $255(1,4m)
- LG B222 Refrigerator Smart Inverter 2door = $280(1,6m)
- LG B272 Refrigerator Smart Inverter 2door = $335(1,7m)
- LG B372 Refrigerator Smart Inverter 2door = $375(1,7m)
+LG Air Conditioner
- New LG 1HP Dual Inverter = $290(មានfreeជេីងទ្រ)
- New LG 1.5HP Dual Inverter = $355(freeជេីងទ្រ)
- New LG 1.HP Dual Inverter = $335(មាន LED freeជេីងទ្រ)
-New LG 1.5HP Dual Inverter = $375(មាន LED freeជេីងទ្រ)
- New LG 2HP Dual Inverter = $595
- New LG 1HP Dual inverter = $365(Skin Care ,free stand)
- New LG 1,5HP Dual inverter =430$(Skin Care,free stand)
- New LG 2HP Dual Inverter =640$(Skin Care,free stand)
+ HITACHI Refrigerator
- HITACHI Refrigerator Inverter 2door = $275
- HITACHI Refrigerator Inverter 2door = $320
*Panasonic Washing Machine
- Panasonic Washing Machine 8kg =210$
- Panasonic Washing Machine 9kg =220$
- Panasonic Washing Machine 10kg=230$(F100B5)
- Panasonic Washing Machine 10kg=240(F100A2)
- Panasonic Washing Machine 12,5kg=300$
+Panasonic Refrigerator
-Panasonic Refrigerator 1door = $195(1,2m)
Panasonic Refrigerator 1door =185(1m)
-Panasonic Refrigerator 2door = $275(1,45m)
-Panasonic Refrigerator Inverter 2door = $360(1,6m)
+Panasonic Air Conditioner (free Stand )
- New Panasonic 1 HP Normal= 270$ (PC9TKH)
- New Panasonic 1.5HP Normal= 370$ (PC12TKH
- New Panasonic 2 HP Normal= 475$ (PC18TKH
- New PANASONIC 1HP Inverter = 335$ (PS9TKH)
- New PANASONIC 1.5HP Inverter = 415$ (PS12TKH)
- New PANASONIC 2HP Inverter = 605$$ (PS18TKH)
- New PANASONIC ECONAVI 1HP Inverter =379$ (S10TKH)
- New PANASONIC ECONAVI 1.5HP Inverter =475$ (S13TKH)
- New PANASONIC ECONAVI 2HP Inverter =660$
-New SONY LED TV 32R302E=197$
-New SONY LED TV 40R352E =295$
-New SONY LED Internet TV 32W602=246$
-New SONY LED Internet TV 40W652G= 335$
-New SONY LED Internet TV 43W660G= 370$
- New SONY LED Internet TV 50W7000G=550$
-New TOSHIBA LED TV 24’’ =114$
-New TOSHIBA LED TV 32’’ =145$
-New Toshiba LED Smart TV 32’=165$
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 40’’ =234$
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 43’’ =235$
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 43’’ =270$(Smart TV)
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 49’’ =
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 55’’ =475$
-New TOSHIBA LED Full HD TV 55’’ =585$(Smart TV)
-New TOSHIBA Smart Android 4K TV 49’’ =535$(U7750E)
-New TOSHIBA Smart Android 4K TV 50’’ =440$(U7880E)
-New TOSHIBA Smart Android 4K TV 55’’ =825$(U9750E)
-New TOSHIBA Smart Android 4K TV 65’’ =1250$(U9750E)
+TOSHIBA Refrigerator
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator 1 door =135$(0.5m)
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator 1 door =155$(0.7m)
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator 1 door =185$(1m)
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator 1door=195$(1,2m)
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator Inverter 2 door =255$(1,4m)
-New TOSHIBA refrigerator Inverter 2 door =285$(1,6m)
*TOSHIBA Washing Machine
- TOSHIBA Washing Machine 14kg =410$
- TOSHIBA Washing Machine 16kg =525$
Note: all products are original company products with One year warranty on repairing service and spare parts.
**មានការធានា រយះពេល ១ឆ្នាំលើសេវាកម្មជួសជុលនឹងគ្រឿងបន្លាស់
*លោកអ្នកអាចរកទិញបាននៅ ហាងឈុនលាភ ( Page :Chhunleap electronic shop)មានលក់ដំុនឹងរាយ
Address : #412Eo St 274 in front of Olympic Staduim ទីតាំងស្ថិតនៅខាងត្បូងស្តាតអូឡាំពិកហួសពីម្តុំលក់ផ្លែឈើស្រីមុំប្រហែលជា200m)
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