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1. General Tasks

Chief cook is assigned as a head of small section within kitchen operating. Chief cooks report to Sous chef and also be responsible for arranging, organizing and managing assigned section efficiency.

Follow all company policies and procedures; report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager, ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge guests according to company standards; anticipate and address guests’ service needs; assist individuals with disabilities; thank guests with genuine appreciation. Speak with other using clear and professional language; answer telephone using appropriate telephone etiquette. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others.

2. Essential Responsibilities

1. Be able to perform kitchen routine tasks as well as other tasks, which had been assigned by kitchen management personnel.
2. Be able to forecast guests’ needs and total number of guests would visit in a day so as to delegate to job the most efficiency manner.
3. Be able to raise purchasing request base on kitchen daily consumption and adhere to kitchen menus.

3.1 Be able to analysis and forecast number of guests would visit, amount of goods base on number of visit guests and other related information which would effect to consume goods on daily basis.
3.2 Ensure amount of purchased goods is met up to actual daily goods consumed

(amount of purchased goods must not excess 10% of actual daily goods consumed)

3.3 Making sure goods on-hand is not running out of stock by checking stock on regular basis. If there is any out of authority issues occurred, report to sous chef / kitchen chef immediately for resolve.
3.4 Handle back the purchasing request to kitchen in-charge personnel once it is done.

3. Arrange kitchen crew member to perform stock receiver duty once goods is been delivered. Be responsible of goods quantity and quality adheres to kitchen standards operation. Ensure quality of received goods is met up to kitchen chef expectation and kitchen standards operation. Ensure quantity of received goods must not excess purchasing request form.
4. Be responsible for arranging, managing and quality maintaining of goods on-hand adhere to kitchen standards operation.
5. Be responsible for stock quantity, quality and food hygiene safety of all stored goods by providing goods check on daily basis.
5.1 Monitoring and comparing goods on-hand to received goods and consumed goods. (On-hand = received

– consumed) when checking goods quantity. If unbalancing, report to kitchen in-charged personnel for resolve.
5.2 Double check on food quality and expiration date of all stored goods, ensure food hygiene standards and food safety are followed of all time.
5.3 Report to on-duty kitchen in-charged when discover food safety and food hygiene standards are being violated.
6. Ensure all managed crew members follow FIFO (first in first out) at all time.

7. Be able to provide cooking guidelines to crew member and hand-on cooking if necessary. Be responsible for food quality of assigned section.
8.1 Strictly follow and maintain company recipes.

8.2 Be responsible for maintaining food preparation circle and food processing protocols. Provide guidance to crewmember constantly to ensure kitchen standard operation is followed at all time.
8.3 Monitor food quality and ensure food quality is met standard before serving.

8.4 Never allow un-expected food quality to be served In case food quality is not met kitchen standard operation (food was cooked by crew members or by own cooking), need to recook and make a report on off cooked food to kitchen in-charged personnel / restaurant in-charged personnel.
8. Assist kitchen in charged personnel / restaurant in charge personnel must focus on food decoration and food quality

8.1 Ensuring cooking counter/plates is maintain and met hygiene standards.

8.2 Ensuring food quantity and food quality is always ready to be served

9. Be able to perform kitchen crew member tasks if necessary.

10. Follow solving problem procedures whenever discrepancies happened.

11. Monitor crewmember attendance base on weekly roster.

12. Be responsible of doing staff evaluation (base on company evaluate format) on weekly basis and report to kitchen chef.

13. Be responsible to maintain and follow city firefighting, food hygiene standard, food safety, safety at work, preventative fire and explode adhere to city and company standard operating procedures at all time.
14. Be responsible to manage and maintain kitchen operating equipment adhere to kitchen operating standards. Report to kitchen in-charged personnel immediately if there is any damage occurred.
15. Be responsible to provide opinion on purchasing to replace or buy new kitchen equipment if needed.

16. Be responsible for training cooking method, company food recipes, cooking protocol… to crewmembers.

17. Attend internal department meetings, company training sections are compulsory.

18. Be able to perform other tasks when being assigned by kitchen management personnel.

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