MEP Site Engineer (Based in Chroy Changvar)

Unisun Development Corp
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• Evaluates all costs associated with each project including materials, costs of labor, and time expended.
• Coordinates the engineering team, assigning short and long term goals for successful completion of the project’s plans.
• Ensures safety of the worksite during the course of development.
• Reviews safety standards for the finished product.
• Makes sure all projects and undertakings stay on budget and within the projected time schedule.
• Manages the engineering team and oversees training of new employees.
• Allocates resources effectively including personnel, materials, and time.
• Drafts reports and data analysis for review by the company’s board of executives.
• Reviews construction programmer, method statements
• Prepares and coordinate programmer for M & E works
• Prepares and coordinate programmer for M & E systems (only if require under the contract)
• Prepare value engineering concept drawings principle
• Attends general site progress meetings
• Prepare and coordinate M & E specific method statements
• Interface drawings layout between M & E ceiling plan. To ensure that openings, services, sprinkler, tee-bar are aligned correctly
• Conduct M & E coordination meeting necessary.
• Coordinate between Engineering department and Construction link-up
• Prepare M & E procurement schedule, and update weekly reports, submit samples.
• Resolve clashes and details between Architects, Engineers/Sub-Contractors drawings.
• Reports discrepancies or clashes involving direct contractors work
• Carry out weekly site inspection and report progress, qualifications, protection, problems.
• Monitor sub-contractors and Direct Contractors off-site activities
• Advise on temporary M & E installations
• Review Project Quality plan

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