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I. General Tasks

Service staff is required to serve foods and beverages to guests in the most efficiency and professional manner.

Follow all company policies and procedures; report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager, ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge guests according to company standards; anticipate and address guests’ service needs; assist individuals with disabilities; thank guests with genuine appreciation. Speak with other using clear and professional language; answer telephone using appropriate telephone etiquette. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others.

II. General Task:

1. Report and receive assignment from team leader / supervisor

1.1 Updating all current promotion, out of order items and visited guest forecast from supervisor / manager
1.2 Receive work section allocation from team leader / supervisor

2. Check, monitor, arrange beverage goods according to company standard of operation

2.1 Be able to stock up goods from warehouse / suppliers
2.2 Perform goods quantity check
3.3 Perform FIFO (first in first out) for all beverage items

3. Lau chùi sạch sẽ các vật dụng (dao, dĩa, ly, muỗng, chén…) theo tiêu chuẩn của công ty trước khi đưa ra phục vụ khách
Perform cleaning of service utensils (knives, folks, plates, bowls…) adhere to standards operating procedures.
3.1 Arrange and stock up service utensil from washing area to store area
3.2 Wipe with clean cloth, which is designed for dry clean utensil.
3.3 Return chip, heavy scratch, food stain chinaware/cutlery back to steward department for rewash or discard under breakage report. When steward staffs are not available at working department, crew members pass breakage equipment to report line.
3.4 After cloth cleaning, hold utensils with cloth to prevent finger print stick back on clean equipment.
3.5 Transfer service utensils back to service area
3.6 Arrange utensils to service area neatly

3.7 All service utensils must clean and dry, do not serve guests oily / dirty equipment
3.8 Minimize noise when dry clean.

4. Arrange table within assign section adhere to standard operation procedures

4.1 Responsible for preparation of utensil for setting up adhere to standard operation procedures
4.2 Always use proper container to keep service utensil adhere to standard operation procedures
4.3 Responsible for table set up adhere to standard operation procedures

5. Be Responsible for setup service station when being assigned

5.1 Check on food tags of all displaced foods
5.2 Ensure foods displaced is matched with price tags
5.3 Ensure station & utensil hygiene are on top condition and ready to serve.

6. Be responsible for table arrangement and cleanliness adhere to standard operation procedures
6.1 Ensure tables, chairs and glass windows are clean
6.2 Arrange tables & chair are arranged to outlet layout
6.3 Ensure set up equipment is on top condition adhere to standard operation procedures.

7. Welcome and guid guest to table follwed standard operation procedures

8. Ensure served food are matched with standard of operating procedures. Inform supervisor / kitchen chef in case standards operation procedures are not followed

9. Ensure guests are well taken care off. Service standard operation must be maintained and followed at all time

9.1 Monitor and anticipate guests need constantly
9.2 Apply upselling skill by offering refill.
9.3 Clear guests’ plate / table once they had finished, minimize noise during clearing
9.4 Providing items suggestion, upsell special items in store / restaurant menus.

10. Follow solving guest problems procedures as being trained according to company standard of operation

11. Anticipate guests’ needs with cheerful and polite manner. Check with store / restaurant / kitchen in charged personnel for alternative solution when unable to provide solution for guests
12. Anticipate guests’ needs with cheerful and polite manner. Check with store / restaurant / kitchen in charged personnel for alternative solution when unable to provide solution for guests.

13. Double Check on guest’bill prior present to guest, ensure all charges are correct

14. Bid farewell and thanks guest sincerely and politely, use guest name if knowing guest

15. Hand over your shift properly and in detail to coworker / supervisor before end shift.

16. Attend internal department meetings, company training sections are compulsory.

17. Be able to perform other task when being assigned by restaurant / store management personnel.

18. Communicate with guests in polite and sincere manner adhere to standards operation procedures.

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