HR Executive (Urgent)

Vandanet Danh
  • Ad ID : 3858293
  • ទីតាំង : ភ្នំពេញ
  • បង្ហោះថ្ងៃ :
  • មើល : 198


  • ប្រភេទពេញម៉ោង
  • បទពិសោធន៍2 Year Up
  • ប្រាក់ខែចាប់ផ្តើមពី$450 Up

• Design job announcement for hiring manager, department managers and make sure it’s well written and knockout layout;
• Upload and send job ads to both local and international advertising websites, Agencies and ONGs; and update as needed;
• Coordinate candidate responses to advertisements – collate, screen and shortlist responses for presentation to the recruiting manager;
• Prepare employment contract/ amendment, suspension, transfer contract to successful candidates and another written paperwork agreement where needed;
• Coordinating all kinds of recruitment ( i.e full time, part time volunteer and internship);
• Conduct salary survey and benefit survey and present the finding to Chief of HR & Admin to seek final approval and possibly the Board.
• Perform compensation and benefit review at least once a year during performance appraisal time, which is related to annual salary increase.
• Translate HR documents and correspondence between English and Khmer as necessary.
• Assist Chief of HR & Admin to develop HR policies.
• Establish leave controlling system and ensure the proper filing of leave records.
• Perform other duties as requested by manager.

ដើម្បីទទួលបានការងាររហ័ស សូមកុំភ្លេចបញ្ជាក់ថា៖ អ្នកបានឃើយ ការងារនេះនៅលើខ្មែរ២៤!
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