HR Supervisor (English or Chinese Speaking)

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Daily responsibilities and duties:

• Designing, developing, implementing and managing salary, bonus and benefits packages for the employees of an organization.
• Monitor compensation and benefits are providing the employees fits and is aligned to our company’s strategy and business goals
• Ensuring compensation and benefits plans are cost-effective and competitive
• Ensure compensation and benefits standards comply with company policies and/or other regulations or legislation.
• Direct preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform employees of benefits, compensation, and personnel policies.
• Track employees who have a payroll arrearage or adjustment and, or set up a payment option if needed.
• Responsible for entering all new employee information into payroll system as well as updating employee supervision, transfers, pay changes and terminations.
• Ensure there is miner error in payroll by careful verifying the all number and calculation.
• Assist the payroll specialist in preparing the employee monthly payroll.
• Provides supports during annual incentive compensation and merit process.
• Manage and control attendance record and workers personal file
• Work with team member to coordinate communication by face to face, email and phone of compensation and benefits information to employees and other HR groups in a timely manner.
• Serves as backup to prepare payroll data files or billing reconciliation as needed;
• Help the team to prepare document for government, External audits, or other tax-reporting requirements.
• Design the KPI framework of the staff in the company.
• Other tasks as assigned by the manager

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