Internal Audit Manager

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Job Description:
- Perform duties to attain internal audit goals by coordinate with related departments.
- Check financial statements to catch errors, misstatement, and fraud.
- Inquiring or asking questions of management personnel related to the effectiveness of the current internal controls.
- Investigate specific issues.
- Conduct and record control self-assessment in the assigned department.
- Confirming whether the policy, procedure of the department is being met.
- Report audit findings and recommending improvement with evidence to audit managers for review.
- Perform any duties provided by the audit manager.
- Audit accounting department (Revenue and expenses… etc.)
- Audit Production, the effectiveness of using raw material and control (Warehouse, Packing, and Mixing … etc.)
- And other jobs required by the company
- Female is encouraged to apply.
- Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or ACCA is an advantage.
- Two (2) years of experience as an internal auditor.
- The English language is an advantage.

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