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Kamputra Consulting Company (KCC)

Who is KCC?

KCC has been formed by extensive professional staff experiences since 2008 and has successfully offered the services such as accounting, taxation, real state appraisal, investment consultant and training package to more than 70 clients.
Our staff has widely experience in international big 4 accounting firms, law firms, university lecturers, banking, garment, telecom, hotel & restaurant and oil & gas industry.

Reasonable Fee!!!

** Monthly tax return 60$ only!!!
** Annual Tax return 99$ only!!!
** Tax Controversy Resolution: negotiation with the tax authorities

*** HURRY UP!!!!
Deadline for tax filing: 31 March 2014.

Name: Charter K Heng
Tel: 097 5555298
Email: email
Location: Phnom Penh
Address: or facebook:
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